Twittando por aí: 2009-07-26

  • After a pretty cool day at the park, miss Valentina is sleeping. Through the night, RIGHT? #
  • @debysousa ninguém merece querer dormir e as pernas ganhando vida. Quando preciso, elas são mega preguiçosas, mas quando quero dormir… in reply to debysousa #
  • @debysousa Acabei de ler, menina, many tks!! Vou dar uma pesquisada básica com o marido (supplement man detected!)….ninguém merece… in reply to debysousa #
  • Just found out that Valentina’s car seat goes up to 20lb. She’s 18lb 2oz now. Geez, gotta start researching car seats soon… #
  • @debysousa what kind of supplements? Anything that helps me!!!! in reply to debysousa #
  • So tired but can’t sleep. Ever heard of the relentless legs syndrome? That’s me. Legs, stop quiet NOW!! #
  • @deamattos somos duas!!! Can’t sleep… #
  • ugh, after crying for the WHOLE DAY, Valentina is sleeping. Throught the nite, throught the nite, throught the nite, please, my dear… #
  • I’m looking for a bluetooth headset that’s compatible with hearing aids. Why’s that hard to find it??? #
  • Not that I don’t like hanging out with Valentina but sometimes, for a few hours, is mandatory for my mental health! #
  • Do you know what’s the best when Kam is at home? I can go out by myself. Went to #Coquitlam Centre and met Chris, childless too! So good! #
  • Valentina went to the pool today for the first time. And yes, she loved it! I guess we stayed there for over an hour…. #
  • @izzynobre aqui são só 11h46, dear… tenho que aproveitar que a baixinha tá dormindo, né? in reply to izzynobre #
  • @izzynobre pra vc (que já deve ter, claro): in reply to izzynobre #
  • Procurando bluetooth headset pro meu cel que dê pra usar com meu aparelho auditivo. Como pode ser tão difícil assim? Alguém me explica? #

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